Diploma MECHANICAL ENGINEERING(9ME-02M) Exam Question Paper DTE

May 23, 2018    

  I/II Semester Diploma Examination, Nov./Dec. 2015 MECHANICAL ENGINEERING (ii) Answer any two full questions from each Section– II, III, IV. SECTION – I 1. Fill in the blanks : (i)  ______ energy sources are inexhaustible. (ii)  Bauxite is an ore of ______. (iii)  In double start thread, lead is ______ the pitch. (iv)  A good lubricant should have ______ volatility. SECTION – II 4 × 1 = 4 4 8 4…    read more Btelinx Results and News

October 5, 2017    

Current News bteservers     BTEServers1 BTEServer1 Revaluation Marks Changes of Apr/May 2017 Exam Result ALL Updated in Results You can Also check in [ Revaluation List ] Menu for Changed Marks BEST OF LUCK STUDENTS… Please Note : ======================= Changes in Marks considered ONLY IF it is 6 or More than 6 Otherwise OLD Marks is Retained Also your OVER ALL RESULT (Marks in Other Subjects) may Change based on RESULT MODERATION…    read more 

The spark of life

August 28, 2017    

I believed in things most people didn’t I trusted people most people wouldn’t I had faith in my spark. The world found it all to be dark. But still, here I stand strong. Amongst the right and the wrong. I was called a fool, a fool, a motley fool. Drowning in my own pool? In the world of judges where is justice? In the world of liquors which the most liquorice? Who…    read more 

The Rise of Emoji

November 21, 2015    

  Emoji has changed the way the world communicates. You can now order a slice of pizza, request room service or even show support for politicians with emoji. Sony is even mid-way through developing an animated movie based on those little characters you find in your phone. Emoji is now so much part of our culture, the Oxford University Press declared the ‘Face with Tears of Joy’ emoji is the “word of…    read more