Unit 1: Vital Statistics 2nd PUC Statistics



Unit 1: Vital Statistics
Vital statistics are numerical records, analysis, and interpretation of numerical data of vital events
occurring in the human population. By vital events, we mean the events of human life such as birth, death,
sickness, marriage, migration, divorce, adoption, separation etc.
The study of human population is called demography.
Methods of obtaining Vital Statistics
Registration method: under this method, vital events such as births, marriages, deaths etc are recorded.
The government authorities maintain the record of these vital events. This method will be successful if
there is legislature regarding the registration of vital events.
Census Method: in most countries, the census is held every 10 years. It covers data regarding, sex, age,
marital status, education, occupational status, religion etc. which are needed for vital statistics.
This information is available only for the census year.
Uses of Vital Statistics
1. They are of great use in planning and evaluation of economic and social development, ent of a
2. They are useful to government agencies for administrative purposes.
3. They are very useful in medical research
4. They are essential in demographic research.
5. They are highly useful to an individual by the way of recording birth, death, marriage, and
divorce during his or her life time.
6. They are also great use at the international point of view.
7. They are of great use to the government to assess the impact of family welfare programs in the
8. They are used in actuarial science (insurance).

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