New Business Studies 2nd PUC Solved Exam Model Question Paper-18

Karnataka State 2nd PUC Board Exam Model Question paper with solutions

Karnataka State 2nd PUC Board Exam Question paper with solutions

Business Studies-Karnataka State 2nd PUC Board Exam Model Question paper  2017-18 II PUC MOCK PAPER – 1 2017 BUSINESS STUDIES
2nd puc previous year question papers with answers



Most important Viva questions for business studies class 12

Viva questions for business studies class 12: You can check class 11 business studies viva questions under following category.


  1. The reason behind selecting a particular product and its USP (UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION).
  2. Marketing techniques you will use to promote your product.
  3. Difference between marketing and selling/ advertising.
  4. Physical Distribution of your product.
  5. They may ask the tagline of your product.


  1. Most importantly learn all techniques and principles.
  2. They may ask which all principles are violating and why?
  3. Where have u been visited?
  4. Give a real based eq of a particular principle.
  5. Which technique of Taylor contradict fall’s principle?

Preparation Plan for Viva questions for business studies class 12

Viva questions for business studies class 12: All the medical colleges do have viva examination during the practical examinations. Usually, Viva is conducted in three different table carrying 5 marks each. Usually, one Internal Examiner & two External Examiners are involved in these planned viva voce examinations.

Although exams like VIVA or interview & exams are so much in our professional life we never spent time for practicing or being taught the technique during our medical education in the medical college. It is assumed that we know what we are doing. Of course, just to pass out from a medical college requires a certain amount of exam technique, reading the question, allowing enough time for each answer and so on. That much is common sense. However, I have always had the sneaking suspicion that there is something more to exams, secrets to which I am not privy.

To discover these elusive exam skills, who better to ask than an examiner or to be a part of the examination pattern. I had few experiences; I also gave lots of viva and will do so in the future, however, I have witnessed Final MBBS exams and few more Universities exams and observe VIVA closely than ever than my student life.

I have an impression that viva is not that tough. Its because we don’t do discussion in our study routine that’s why we find it difficult. Its all about how you present yourself in the VIVA. Look no one is perfect in this world, even examiner don’t know everything. They just want to know that whether you have got the right impression or the concept of the subject matter or not. Whether you can differentiate a girl or boy that’s it, that’s the concept. They don’t want to go into the details of subject matter.

The viva voce might form part of the validated assessment for a course, assessed by an oral examination. In these situations, the viva voce is a useful tool to assist in authenticating that the student has got enough knowledge in the subject matter.

There are a variety of other circumstances which might require the use of a viva voce and provision for these is contained in the Academic and Organisational Regulations.

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