Logic Design: Logic Levels and logic families notes


This chapter deals with the study of the following :

• Logic Levels

• Logic Families

• Integration Levels

• Switching Times

• Propagation Delay

• Fan-in and Fan-out

Normally Binary Logic Values are defined as either Logic ‘1’or Logic ‘0’ depending

on the level of the output voltage. Another additional (intermediate value ) is the

‘Undefined value’.

Logic levels can either be Positive logic or Negative Logic. For eg:

In TTL Logic Levels (positive logic) logic high or Logic 1 is between 2.4V VH  5V

Logic ‘0’ or low logic is between 0V VL  0.4 V and the Undefined value is between

0.4 V <undefined< 2.4 V

Logic families are classified based on either the devices used ,example: diodes

,transistors etc. or the structure of Digital Circuits , example: ECL ,Wired logic etc.



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