Subject Code : 15ELN15/25 IA Marks : 20
Hrs/Week : 04 Exam Hrs. : 03
Total Hrs. : 50 Exam Marks : 80

Semiconductor Diodes and Applications: 6Hrs
PN Junction diode,Characteristics and Parameters,Ideal Diode, Diode
Approximations.DC load line analysis,Rectification: Half-wave Rectification: Ripple
factor, Power Conversion Efficiency, Full-wave Rectification: Ripple factor, Power
Conversion Efficiency, Bridge Rectifier and Rectifier with Centre-Tapped (CT)
Transformer,Capacitor filter circuit(only qualitative approach),Zener diode voltage
regulators: Regulator circuit with no load,loaded regulator, Numerical examples as
applicable .

Bipolar Junction Transistor: 4Hrs
BJT Construction and Operation: BJT Voltages and currents,BJT amplification,BJT
Configurations and Characteristics: Common Base(CB) Configuration, Common
Emitter (CE) Configuration Common Collector Characteristics,Numerical examples as
applicable .

BJT Biasing: 4Hrs
DC Biasing: DC Load line and Bias point,Base bias, Voltage-Divider Bias, Analysis
Equation, Numerical Examples as applicable.
Introduction to Operational amplifiers :6 Hrs.
Introduction, OP-AMP Architecture, Differential Amplifier. Basic OP-AMP Circuits:
Inverting Amplifier, Virtual Ground, Non-inverting Amplifier.Linear Applications of
OP-AMP: Summer Circuit, Subtractor.,Integrator and Differentiator, Numerical
Basic Electronics 15ELN15

Digital Electronics :10 Hrs.
Introduction. Switching and Logic Levels. Digital Waveform. Number Systems:
Decimal \Number System, Binary Number System, Converting Decimal to Binary,
Hexadecimal Number System: Converting Binary to Hexadecimal, Hexadecimal to
Binary, Converting Hexadecimal to
Decimal, Converting Decimal to Hexadecimal, Octal Numbers: Binary to Octal
Conversion.Complement of Binary Numbers. Boolean Algebra Theorems , De Morgan‟s
theorem. Digital Circuits: Logic gates, NOT Gate, AND Gate, OR Gate , XOR Gate,
NAND Gate, NOR Gate, X-NOR Gate. Boolean Relations (Section 11.6) Algebraic
Simplification (Section 11.7) NAND and NOR Implementation (( Section 11.8): NAND
Implementation, NOR Implementation. Half adder, Fulladder.
Flip-Flops :4Hrs
Introduction to Flip-Flops (Section 12.1), NAND Gate Latch/ NOR Gate Latch (Section
12.3), RS Flip-Flop(Section 12.4), Gated Flip-Flops: Clock ed RS Flip-Flop (Section
Microcontrollers: 5Hrs
Introduction to Microcontrollers,8051 Microcontroller Architecture, Working of
Microcontroller. d example of microcontroller based stepper motor control system(only
block diagram approach).
Communication systems: 6 Hrs.
Introduction, Elements of Communication Systems, Modulation: Amplitude
Modulation,Spectrum Power, AM Detection (Demodulation), Frequency and Phase
Modulation. Amplitude and Frequency Modulation: A comparison.
Basic Electronics 15ELN15
Dept of ECE/SJBIT Page 3
Transducers : 4 Hrs.
Introduction, Passive Electrical Transducers, Resistive Transducers, Resistance
Thermometers, Thermistor. Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT). Active
Electrical Transducers, Piezoelectric Transducer, Photoelectric Transducer
1.David Bell, Electronic Devices and Circuits: OxfordUniversity Press, 5thEDn., 2008.
2.D.P. Kothari, I.J.Nagrath, Basic Electronics : McGraw Hill Education(India)Private
Reference Books:
1.Muhammad Ali Mazidi, The 8051 Microcontroller and Embedded. Systems. Using
Assembly and C. Second Edition, 2011.

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