1st PUC Electronics Model Question Papers

The first PUC Model question papers for the new 2013 syllabus is given below. The revised syllabus and exam pattern is up the current date. The model papers have been segregated for the practicals and the final examination. By checking this out you will have a clear picture on what you will need to study in order to obtain high marks in your own PUC examinations.

1. Who predicted the existence of electromagnetic waves?
2. Define electron volt.
3. Name any one active component.
4. What is the maximum current that can be passed through 100 Ω resistor of wattage rating 2 W?
5. Determine frequency ac given by of ν = 20sin(1000t).
6. Name minority carriers in n-type semiconductor.
7. What is the forward resistance of ideal diode?
8. Draw the symbol of Varactor diode.
9. How many bits are required to form a nibble?
10. Add [1101]2 and [1111]2 .




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