Raspberry pi

Mobile Media Center with Smartphone Control

November 1, 2015    

Our main ideas of a perfect mobile media center are: – watch videos or listen to your music anywhere (only power supply and a monitor/projector for videos required) – easy control with your smartphone – simple setup for non-programmers – great sound and video quality With a Raspberry Pi 2 and a powerful sound card like the HiFiBerry Amp+; together with an SD-Card with Max2Play and a simple WiFi Stick, you already…    read more 

Home Automation Using Raspberry Pi 2 India

October 13, 2015    

The Internet Of Things is the most trending technology today that stands alongside wearables and robotics. It is a very simple concept where devices in our home or wherever they are , have the capability to communicate with each other via the internet.Usually sensors are used with this technology to pass data to the internet. You can imagine  a sensor installed in your garden which uploads data like temperature, humidity, soil purity…    read more