Huawei officially announces VR headset in China

April 16, 2016     noteshunt    


There are many companies getting into virtual reality like the Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, and HTC Vive. Smartphone companies like Samsung and LG have also made their own headsets, and now Huawei in coming in as well. At today’s P9 smartphone launch, the company unveiled the Huawei VR headset.

 Just like the Samsung Gear VR, it works with a smartphone and shows the display and it also has sensors to detect movement. The Huawei VR headset is compatible with the brand new P9 and P9 Plus. This means it will be the first VR headset to work with USB Type-C.

 The Huawei VR works a lot like the Gear VR, with the ability to watch 360° movies and play VR games. There’s also a touchpad on the right-hand side of the headset and it can be used to control it. It has a removable cover where you can slot your smartphone in and acts as a dual-screen setup.

The Huawei VR headset has an adjustable lens, an anti-blue light filter, back button and volume buttons on the right-hand side as well. The headset has a 95° field view, whereas the Gear VR has 96° of field view. The headset is also reportedly to be the first to support 360-degree sound.

Huawei says their VR headset will offer over 40 free games, 150 panoramic tours, 350 panoramic images and over 4,000 movies.

Huawei hasn’t shared any details about the pricing, release date, and availability, however, they say it will definitely launch “this season” in 2016.

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