Wireless Load Controller By GSM ECE Project

November 7, 2015     noteshunt    

GSM contoller is a low cost solution to Remote Control and Monitoring via your mobile phone. It has 2 relay outputs and 4 contact closure inputs. Outputs can be used to control lighting, central heating boiler, pumps etc and the inputs can be connected to thermostats, security sensors and flood detectors. An optional wireless interface allows communicate with an expanding range of security and fire sensors, heating thermostats for temperature control and panic switches .


  • GSM Control Unit using SMS text messaging
  • 2 x mains rated relay outputs for switching for example lights, pumps, central heating
  • 4 x contact closure inputs from example PIR detectors, flood detectors, security alarm systems etc
  • Can switch on/off outputs from simple SMS text message
  • Can send an SMS message when a input changes state
  • Uses standard mobile phone SIM card, including pre-paid
  • Easy to use and configure via SMS, the internet or optional USB lead
  • Optional battery back-up for operation even during mains power failure
  • Optional wireless sensor interface for use with;
    • Wireless thermostat for heating control
    • Wireless Fire and Smoke detectors
    • Wireless PIR and Glass break Security sensor
    • Wireless remote switch output unit
    • Wireless Panic or Wrist button for th infirm
  • Add SMS alerting to your security alarm
  • Remote control and monitoring of your 2nd or holiday home
  • Central heating control via your mobile phone
  • 24 hour property flood monitoring
  • Wireless_Load_Controller_By_GSM_clip_image001

Two output terminals (X or Y) can be used as:

  • An SMS-controlled switch. SMS texts for switching particular terminals on/off are configurable (e.g. “light on”, “light off” and “sunblind close”, “sunblind open”). Any such instruction can be automatically echoed by David sending you an SMS report.
  • A time-switch which can be activated remotely via a mobile phone. (the switch-on period is configurable from 1 second to 10 hours).
  • A relay with dialling-in remote control. Up to 50 tel. numbers can be authorized for each relay. Because calls are not answered dialling-in control within GSM is free of charge. (David only checks the caller’s number and – if the number is authorized – responds with relay activation.) This can be used for parking access control, door lock control, switching lights etc.

Each authorized number can have a limit to the number of calls. For example, when the customer is only allowed to open the parking lot entrance for 30 times at most, any further access is denied to him/her. The customer can then be re-authorized for entrance control via SMS by the administrator.

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