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Robotic ARM Control Through Internet Lan for Patient Operation


      India is still classified as a developing country and as such has a set of hurdles to be overcome in the medical field. This is because basic medical amenities haven’t been provided to towns and cities. The project Robotic arm control through internet/LAN for patient operation designs a robotic arm with the aid of a micro controller and performs all these operations.

Patients face problems in terms of facilities meted out to them as well as availability of trained doctors. By using a robotic arm, all these problems can be eliminated and doctors from anywhere can perform the operation. Robots are flexible in nature and can perform a wide array of operations that can’t be realized solely by a doctor.



   In this project Robotic arm control through internet/LAN for patient operation, an application will transmit the controlling data to a specific computer by sending corresponding IP address. The Ethernet adapter configured with the specific IP address will receive the commands and send the information to micro controller via serial port.  This micro controller will control the robotic arm and sends appropriate signals to geared motor.

    There is a micro controller in the robotic arm performing motor control operations. To view the patient’s status an RF camera is used and this is used to transmit it to the PC for the doctor to supervise. This project is mainly used to cut patient’s skin by high speed blades.


The use of computer-aided robots offers exact motion and path so as to reduce the side-effects of surgical meditation. Use of robots offer higher insight into the anatomy of patients to perform smaller incisions. In case of emergencies, by using a robotic arm a person’s life could be saved.

Download Robotic ARM Control Through Internet LAN for Patient Operation.

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