Yamaha showcases a Sports Car Concept Inspired by Motorcycles

October 31, 2015     noteshunt    

 Yamaha Showcase its concept car

Often the crossover from one medium to another doesn’t come with much success. But don’t tell the engineers at Yamaha that. The world-famous motorcycle manufacturer has dipped its toes into the world of sports cars with a new concept at the Tokyo Motor Show.

It’s called the Sports Ride Concept, and while it may not be the most creative name around, it definitely has the looks to be a serious threat in the segment. Developed by renowned designer Gordon Murray (the man behind the McLaren F1) it uses a number of dramatic cues, and carries over some motorcycle influence in the process.


From start to finish, Yamaha says that the project took five months to complete. Each body panel carefully crafted from carbon fiber as opposed to the typical fiberglass found on many concept cars. The healthy use of carbon fiber means the car is extremely light, though, Yamaha won’t give specifics on weight or performance just yet.

Right now there’s no hint as to whether the Sports Ride will make its way into production, but it will be on display for the next few days at the Tokyo Motor Show in Japan.


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