MSBTE Diploma – 2nd Semester Question Papers

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MSBTE Diploma – 2nd Semester Question Papers

Second Semester

MSBTE Diploma – 2nd Semester Question Papers


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MSBTE – FY First Year – Diploma – 2nd Sem. – FY 2nd Semester Sample Previous Year Question Papers of MSBTE (Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education) – E Scheme

AE, CD, CE, CH, CM, CO, CR, CJ, CV, DE, ED, EE, EI, EJ, EN, EP, ET, EV, EX, FE, IC, IE, IF, IJ, IV, ME, MH, MI, MU, PG, PJ, PT:-


Hey all FY Diploma students!! Welcome to the journey of becoming an Engineer!! First of all, tap your back because you have chosen the right education path to start with.

Its quiet obvious that the journey after diploma will be continued with a degree. So the main advantage here is that the concepts that you are studying in Diploma are more or less the same concepts that you will be studying in your B.E or B.Tech. So you are taking the advantage of this and stepping up right now so as to reduce your pressure later. Also, when you are with your classmates in Degree, it will be obvious that you have a deeper knowledge compared to them.

Now, let us come to your main subject, exams! Don’t let exams scare you. The things running around your mind before the exams is ATKT(backlogs), YD(Year Down), etc. Be rest assured that now you don’t have anything to worry about, as we will try our best to let you know how the papers appear by providing the Previous Year Question Papers on this site. By referring these papers, solving all the questions in it, you can relax as experience tells us that more than 70{7bda82c1e6998b9ed8f6e0f52f1ca5ed9d6da876adcfbd0d890c6e0d88340190} of your work of passing will be done. But please don’t rely fully on these papers to pass, as in very rare cases, the board may give questions which are fresh and not asked earlier.

All the best for your journey, And we hope our service is of help to all you freshers.

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