3 Secrets of Pulling a Successful All-Nighter You Never Knew About

August 18, 2014     noteshunt    

3 Secrets of Pulling a Successful All-Nighter You Never

Knew About

1. Stay Away From Sofas, Beds and other such comfy places

An All-Nighter is the act of staying up the whole night for any purpose, like studying or completing some work or assignments..One big mistake that students make during an all-nighter, is that of choosing a comfortable place to study, rather than a less comfortable table and chair, where they have a much less likelihood of falling asleep while sitting. It is very important that you control yourself from the cravings that your bed and couch will give. The more you avoid them, the more successfully you will pull your all-nighter without falling asleep at all. Don’t even let the thoughts of such comfortable things come in your mind, just pinch yourself immediately to avoid such thoughts.

2. Keep Drinking Water

Water will keep you hydrated and fresh throughout the night and make you pee frequently. These loo breaks, though may look annoying, but actually they are very much helpful as they’ll make you walk till the washroom and walking will keep you awake and active for at least the time required for you to visit the washroom again!

Cold or Icy cold water is especially more effective in this respect.

3. Apples instead of Coffee

It has been scientifically proven that Apple is a better stimulant than caffeine and can help you more in staying awake than coffee! The other benefit is that Apple, being a fruit, is healthy for the body and caffeine intake is considered unhealthy in the long term. Besides, caffeine also increase your fat while there is no such side effect in Apples!

And even if you feel that coffee gives you energy, it’s just temporary, after a few hours it is responsible for making you feel sleepy and its this property may prove very devastating on the next day during your exam!

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