IGNOU Previous Year Question Paper With Solution PDF Download

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IGNOU Previous Year Question Paper With Solution PDF Download

IGNOU Previous Year Question Paper With Solution PDF Download : 1. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) conducts university exams for all the courses provided by it. This exam is not that easy, so candidates must work hard to clear in this tough examination. Go through the previous year question paper of IGNOU to get better idea about the exam pattern and type of questions that are going to be asked.
IGNOU Previous Year Question Paper2. To assist our readers in this aspect and help them to score higher grades, we have published IGNOU Previous Year Question Paper With Solution3. IGNOU Question Papers – Details
Under IGNOU, students study in various courses, so separate question papers with solution of previous year papers are provided in detailed manner to help the students in their studies.

4. These papers were actually given in main exams of university level for various streams like MBA, MCA, M. Sc., B. Ed., B. Com., etc.

5. So guys, practice these questions rigorously to get good grades in the  IGNOU university examination.

6. IGNOU Question Paper (Solved) for Preparation –

1. Prashanth borrowed Rs.15000 from Anil at 8{7bda82c1e6998b9ed8f6e0f52f1ca5ed9d6da876adcfbd0d890c6e0d88340190}p.a. simple interest for 4 years. He then kept some money from the borrowed sum with himself and lent the remaining amount to Shafi for the same period at 15{7bda82c1e6998b9ed8f6e0f52f1ca5ed9d6da876adcfbd0d890c6e0d88340190} p.a.rate of interest. If Prashanth gains Rs.150 in the whole transaction, how much money did he keep with himself?

Answer: Rs.6750

2. There are 30 socks in a drawer. 60{7bda82c1e6998b9ed8f6e0f52f1ca5ed9d6da876adcfbd0d890c6e0d88340190} of the socks are red and the rest are blue. What is the minimum number of socks that must be taken from the drawer without looking in order to be certain that at least two blue socks have been chosen?

(1) 2
(2) 3
(3) 14
(4) 20

Answer: (4) 20 as 60{7bda82c1e6998b9ed8f6e0f52f1ca5ed9d6da876adcfbd0d890c6e0d88340190} of 30= 18 red socks

3. A screwdriver and a hammer currently have the same price. If the price of a screwdriver rises by 5{7bda82c1e6998b9ed8f6e0f52f1ca5ed9d6da876adcfbd0d890c6e0d88340190} and the price of a hammer goes up by 3{7bda82c1e6998b9ed8f6e0f52f1ca5ed9d6da876adcfbd0d890c6e0d88340190}, how much more will it cost to buy 3 screwdrivers and 3 hammers?

(1) 3{7bda82c1e6998b9ed8f6e0f52f1ca5ed9d6da876adcfbd0d890c6e0d88340190}
(2) 4{7bda82c1e6998b9ed8f6e0f52f1ca5ed9d6da876adcfbd0d890c6e0d88340190}
(3) 5{7bda82c1e6998b9ed8f6e0f52f1ca5ed9d6da876adcfbd0d890c6e0d88340190}
(4) 8{7bda82c1e6998b9ed8f6e0f52f1ca5ed9d6da876adcfbd0d890c6e0d88340190}

Answer: (2) 4{7bda82c1e6998b9ed8f6e0f52f1ca5ed9d6da876adcfbd0d890c6e0d88340190}

General Awareness (By pressing it you can see more questions answer or general knowledge)

1. What does the abbreviation “ASSOCHAM” stand for?

(1) Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry
(2) Associated Chambers of Chemicals and Metals
(3) Association of Chemists and Metallurgists
(4) Association of Chemists, Horticulturist, Anthologists and Metallurgists

Answer: (1) Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry

2.Who is the author of the book “Romancing with Life”?

(1) Bill Clinton
(2) Kapil Dev
(3) Devanand
(4) Shashi Tharoor

Answer: (3) Devanand

3.What does the letters XP stand for in the product Microsoft XP?

(1) Extended product
(2) Extra Pampering
(3) Experience
(4) Entry level product

Answer: (3) Experience

4. Pablo Picasso, the famous painter was:

(1) French
(2) Italian
(3) Flemish
(4) Spanish

Answer: (4) Spanish

5.Which Mughal Emperor prohibited the use of tobacco?

(1) Baber
(2) Jahangir
(3) Aura ngzeb
(4) Muhammed Shah

Answer: (2) Jahangir

6. The year in which the first man landed on the Moon was:

(1) 1962
(2) 1965
(3) 1969
(4) 1970

Answer: (3) 1969

7. The Nobel Prize for literature in the year 2009 was won by:

(1) Ada Yonath
(2) Herta Mueller
(3) Carol Greider
(4) Jean-Marie Gustave le Clezio

Answer: (2) Herta Mueller

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