Google Timelapse lets you see how any location on Earth has changed in 32 years

December 4, 2016    

A lot has happened since 1984. It might not seem like such a long time, but in past three decades, Earth has changed in immeasurable ways, with cities rising, glaciers falling, and unprecedented disasters reshaping the landscape forever. With 5 million satellite images taken from 1984 to 2016, Google Earth’s new Timelapse update allows you to go anywhere on the planet, and see a perfect timelapse of the shifting landscape, whether you…    read more 

Germany Opens 62-Mile Bicycle Highway That’s Completely Car-Free

December 3, 2016    

Germany has opened the first three-mile stretch of a bicycle highway that will eventually span over 62 miles, connecting 10 western cities including Duisburg, Bochum, and Hamm, as well as four universities. And this highway is an entirely separate roadway that will remain completely car-free. Like a traditional highway, this bicycle highway has passing lanes, overpasses and underpasses for crossroads, and even streetlights. However, cyclists won’t have to worry about trucks zooming…    read more 

All you need to know about windows 10

November 6, 2015    

This Windows 10 FAQ provides all answers you need to know before going for installation. Check out the article to avoid surprises and frustration. EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT WINDOWS 10 Windows 10 has kept many on hold for long. The last ‘accepted’ operating system was Windows 7 as most people had issues with Windows 8. Here is all you need to know about the new operating system so that you…    read more